Tips for understanding and transforming scales

Tips for understanding and transforming scales
Tips for understanding and transforming scales
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All right: 1/72 scale for the small plane and 1/32 for the big one. 1/35 armor model, but these huge Airfix aircraft 1/24? I thought it was a car scale! Scales can be confusing, especially for beginners. Many modelers never thought of “just getting” on airplanes, and even when they opened a box, they found the machine that was the last one they bought. What does Scales Mean? What scales are available and what types of stocks are available on the balance sheet?

If you’re still confused, try to see the table below. On this issue, you need to find out all the questions you asked about what is available in the model kits and what scales are available.

Convert drawings

Machining and understanding can be even more confusing if nothing is assembled and the drawings are of different sizes than the drawings we want to draw. If you want to increase or decrease the specifications or drawings, you have a simple formula: Share the designs on the scale on the desired scale, then use the result to reduce or enlarge accordingly.

Convert drawings

For example, if you want to build a 1/48 scale storage for the diorama but only a 1/35 scale drawing, you simply share the desired scale: 35 ÷ 48 = .7291666.

Now round up so you leave .73

Set the decimal position to 73 (moves the decimal point because the copier is 1.0 = 100%, 1.5 = 150%, etc.). Now set the copier to copy and design at 73% on a 1/48 scale.

For return and magnification 1/48 – 1/35: 48 ÷ 35 = 1.37.

Now round up, increase your plans by 137%.

Two popular armor modeling scales, 1/35 and 1/76, can complicate things – at least 50% of copiers are copied and further reduced.

To convert 1/35 scale to 1/76 scale: 35 ÷ 76 = .46 (or 46 percent)

Now that we can’t fall below 50 percent, determine the 0.46 square root. Set the copier to 68%, copy 1/35 scales, and then copy these reduced drawings to 68%. They give a 46 percent reduction and the plans are currently on a 1/76 scale.

So do the scale drawings – which often means you need to convert them to the desired scale. You can use a scaling rule and a calculator to convert drawings.

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