What is the Importance of Scale Models for Architects?

Importance of Scale Models
Importance of Scale Models
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Architects sometimes make scale models for studying general forms or relationships of buildings or other aspects, but these days are rare. Students often make models at school to learn more about design, but practitioners often do not use them. Architects use 3D modeling to study a building. It is much easier to build and modify a model on a computer than to build or modify a physical model. The computer may have a virtual gateway to a 3D model that cannot be used in a real scale model. We can try different combinations of materials on the computer to see what we think best.

Why are scale models important

Why are scale models important

The biggest reason for creating a scale model is communication with the client. Sometimes it is difficult for customers to understand and understand the drawings, and a model helps the client understand the building.

Another reason for creating a scale model is that customers can use money. This would mean that the model would develop after the completion of the design and would therefore not be used as a design tool. The client presents the model to potential donors or investors and has a good idea to invest. Models can also be used to inform the public. If you are planning significant improvements, you can use a large and detailed scale model that will allow the audience to see what the final project will look like.

Why are scale models important

The scale model is not a real building; this is a human-made abstraction.

This has a significant impact on the creativity of the architect.

The model is much smaller than the actual building on which the model is visible. You can’t enter the model to experience it. So the architect must work on his imagination. This requires mental effort.

For a small model, you have to imagine what you want to stand in front of the actual building. This requires mental effort.

The model has no real structure or color. It’s abstract. But thanks to this commitment, the architect must imagine the textures and colors in his head.

The model helps but is abstract and incomplete.

The model is three-dimensional. So it feels three-dimensional, different from a computer-generated 3D model, which is essentially a 2D representation that offers viewers three-dimensional illusions with perspective. The detection of a true three-dimensional object is fundamentally different from 2D representation of 3-D objects.

When a human mind unites the abstract surface, it tries to create a sense that makes sense through its sensual ability. This is the source of creativity.

A very experienced architect designs a building in his mind. Missing modeling process; creates a model in his mind. The sketches are also abstract and similar to the models.


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