How to make a car scale model?

How to make a car scale model
How to make a car scale model
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Scale models are faxes of objects that are smaller or larger than the object itself. Almost every big building, park and invention you’ve ever seen is the result of a model or prototype that was before it. Cars began their life as a drawing that became a scale model before production began. It is a great honor for me that an honorable vehicle creates a large model that fits the clay for the big car manufacturers.

Vehicle measurement

Measure the length of the car from the rear light to the headlamp. Measure the height of the car from the ground to the roof. Describe these measurements in feet and inches.

Measure the rear and front of the vehicle. Observe the length and width of the bonnet and trunk (if any).

Consider the length and width of the car roof and the length and width of the windows and doors.

Select a scale on which you can create the model. The scale is the ratio of the size of the model to the original objects or the size to which the object is shown at a certain distance. There are many scales. We offer 1: 24 scale models for this project. For this scale, 1 foot 1/2 inch. You can choose to use 1 foot = 1 inch (1: 12) or 1 foot = 2 inches (1: 6).

Converts vehicle dimensions to the selected scale. For example, if the length of the car is 10 meters, the scale will be 5 inches (10 times 1/2) and the legs will be. You can do this at every measurement.

How to make a car scale model

Clay must be molded in a form that is roughly similar to your vehicle. Don’t worry about the details, just get the rough shape. Probably the headlamps of the entire clay block and the rear lights, the ground on the roof and from left to right. It also includes the shape of the four tires planned.

Open the sculpture kit and remove the tools. The kit includes a sculpture knife, rollers, blades and other tools. Use these tools to shape larger parts of your car. Mark the sculpture with a knife and tape measure to find out how to get into the windows and doors and how to place them correctly. Also make a line with the knife showing the outline of the hood and trunk.

Add the small details of the car with the tools. Mark the windows and door contours with the above tools. To do this, you can easily press the carving knife onto the clay surface to preserve the visible lines. Observe the front and rear windscreens. Fill the hood and boot. Finally, place the headlights, the rear lights and the grill area.

Use the tools and extra clay to make the model authentic. You can create a hood, license plate, detailed tires and so on.

Things you need

  • Tape measure
  • Pillow
  • Pen
  • 2 kg modeling clay
  • Clay statue set

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