F-117 Scale Model Review

F-117 Scale Model Review
F-117 Scale Model Review
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The stealth attack aircraft deployed by the US Air Force, the F-117 Nighthawk, is perhaps well-known to military aviation enthusiasts. Although the F-117 was retired in 2008, aviation enthusiasts are still captivated by its unique look and cutting-edge technology. We’ll examine the features and construction quality of a scale replica of the F-117 in this article.

The F-117 Scale Model

The F-117 Scale Model

We’ll be evaluating a 1:72 scale model of the F-117 from Hasegawa, a reputable Japanese model kit producer. 34 black plastic parts are molded into the kit along with clear parts for the canopy and lighting. When assembled, the model measures 19.3 cm in length and 9.9 cm in wingspan.

Kit Quality

The kit’s plastic components are well-molded and feature good detail, including raised details for the cockpit, landing gear, and armament, as well as recessed panel lines. With a few exceptions, the parts fit together well in the majority of cases. The engine exhausts don’t fit completely, and the fuselage halves need to be sanded and filled to remove the seam line.

The transparent sections are transparent and thin with no discernible distortion. There are separate sections for the landing lights, which may be painted or left clear, and the canopy can be presented open or closed.

Two separate F-117s, one from the 49th Fighter Wing and one from the 37th Fighter Wing, each have their own markings on the decal sheet. The decals have good color saturation and are correctly registered and well-printed.

Building the Model

Building the F-117 scale model requires some skill and patience, but it’s not an overly complicated kit. Here are some tips for assembling the model:

Step 1: Cockpit and Fuselage

The cockpit, which comprises of a seat, an instrument panel, and a control stick, should be put together first. Paint the interior of the cockpit black, drybrush silver on the raised accents, and add some instrument decals.

The fuselage halves should then be glued together, being careful to hide any seams. Before adhering the cockpit and engine exhausts in place, test-fit them and sand and fill as necessary.

Step 2: Wings and Landing Gear

Paint the wheel wells and landing gear struts black before assembling the wings and landing gear. Depending on the type you’re making, the landing gear doors can be either silver or black painted.

Step 3: Weapons and Canopy

The weaponry are painted and then glued to the bottom of the wings. Add the clear components for the canopy and landing lights before attaching the landing gear and doors. As directed, apply the decals, and if wanted, add some weathering.

Final Thought

The F-117 scale model from Hasegawa is a well-designed kit that captures the look and feel of the real aircraft. With some skill and patience, you can build a great-looking model that will make a great addition to your collection. Whether you’re a seasoned modeler or just starting out, the F-117 is a great kit to build and display.

F-117 Scale Model Review

F-117 Scale Model Review

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